We’re here to democratize the beer space. 

Our vision is to give everyone an experience where they can discover great tastes 

and become makers and collaborators in shaping the future of beer. 

Techcrunch called MiniBrew the only machine that actually produces beer.

And incredible proud to be "Startup of the Year" by Sprout.

Our locations

Utrecht (Netherlands)

Our main office is one big open brew space located centre of Utrecht. We've team lunches every day and we even have fresh brewed and in-house DJ for the fun.

London (United Kingdom)

Our second office is based in London East. We work together with brewery location to showcase our product and brew time by time beers.

TNW Boost

1st Price Pitch competition '18

ACTAI Global

WildCard winner of "Richard Branson XTC2017"


1st Jury Price '18

Startup of the Year

By Sprout Magazine 

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